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Oldtimer Apple 2, Commodore 64, Atari, Amiga und alles was man sonst noch im Computer-Museum finden kann.

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Standard Carte Blanche 2.0 FPGA Apple II,//e und IIgs Erweiterung

Eigentlich dachte ich, dass alle Interessierten schon von der Carte Blanche 2.0 gehört haben...
Wie "bestelle" ich? ... Steve (auf comp.sys.apple2) einfach darum bitten einen auf der Liste einzutragen.

Der Preis soll bei unter $180 pro Karte liegen ist aber noch nicht bekannt.

EDIT: Es wird nur einen Produktionsdurchgang geben. Jeder der eine Karte haben will, muss sich also jetzt anmelden.
Zwei Karte habe ich vorgesehen um sie an bekannte von mir weiter zu geben. und selber will ich mind. Zwei behalten.

Infos zur Karte:

Final Design - Production PDF: (3D) - (Its 10MB, might be worth downloading and viewing locally)
Images of completed board (Production Candidate)
Front -
Back -
CB2 Board Layout -
CB2 Top Level Layout-
CBIO Expansion Dimensions
CB2 With Expansion board Installed
CB2 Prototyping expansion board (test design)
CB2 1GHz A13 ARM Co-processor expansion board (test design)

- 400000 gates
- Fast POR loading (66MHz) (Bitstream is 1,886,560 bits)
- Internal 4M Flash
- 334MHz maximum global clock speed/280MHz Block RAM access speed
- 311 IO (63 are inputs only)

Booting Options
- FPGA Internal Flash (66MHz) (Standard boot image)
- FPGA External Flash (M25P12 (50MHz) (Backup/Recovery image)

SPI Devices (Serial Peripheral Interface)
- Micro SD card (TransFlash) (693071010811) (732-3819-1-ND)
- M25P128 16MB x 8 Flash (50MHZ) (20nS)

(Classic) Parallel Memory
- SRAM 256K x 16 (K6R4016V1D-TC10T) (10nS) (may be used in byte or word mode)
- SDRAM 16MB x 16 (MT48LC16M16A2TG) (-75/100MHz) (10nS) (may be used in byte or word mode - 32MB x 8 )

USB to Carte Blanche Interface
- USB to FPGA interface (From PC to Carte Blanche)
- Supports UART, Fast Serial (100Mbps), CPU FIFO, Parallel Bus and SoftJTAG

FPGA Clocking Options
- 12MHz
- Apple II bus
- CBIO Expansion Board x6 - (3x 3.3V GCLKS + 3x 3.3V/5V GCLKS)
- ZIF48

24bit/30bit Video - Three unique video interfaces (triple head)
- Mini HDMI (24bit) (165MHz TFP410) (No Audio) (with Monitor Detect Bit)
- I2C (DDC) PNP interface on HDMI Connector (with 3.3V to 5V translator)
- VGA (30bit) (THS8135PHP) (No DDC) (With Audio)
- LCD Module (direct 24 bit data) - Standard 40pin IO - Suitable displays are:
- LCD Backlight (SY7201ABC)

- Stereo Delta Sigma
- 1.2W Audio Amplifier (TS4990IST)
- Apple speaker out connector
- Audio out over VGA cable

Apple II Interface
- Full Apple II/IIe/IIgs/III 50 pin (45 IO + 5 Power) bus interface with logic 5V and 3.3V level translators with direction control
- Bus disconnect option (BUS IO disconnect only - completely disconnects the Apple II bus from CB - does not effect power)

User Interface IO
- A 3 Pin connector allows a flying lead to attach that can provide an indicator, or button to give user control (ie - similar to the Taxan RGB cards color change switch, or WildCard Capture button)
- 1x IO (pulled up), 1x Input only (pulled up), 1x GND
- May be used as a select jumper - ie, JAT enable/JAT disable
- A typical cable to suit is;

- 48 Pin ZIF DIP/Module - supports both 3.3V and 5V IO on all pins with VCC or GND on all pins
- 64 bit/pin PCIe x 8 style board expansion interface - supports 3.3V and 5V IO with +12/+5/+3.3/-12V/-5V power supplies
- USB to CB UART (A2 SSC) Supports all board rates up to 12Mbaud (1/2 FT2232H), FIFO 245 mode and CPU BUS mode (all on Channel B)
- DIP40 to DIP40 cable allows CB2 to replace Logic board processor - suitable processor replacement cable is:

- Onboard JTAG Adaptor (USB connection to PC) - Supported by Xilinx 13.1 with up to 30Mb download speeds (1/2 FT2232H)
- Onboard Xilinx DLC9/DLC10 compatible JTAG header (SIL6)
- Onboard Altium JTAG connector (Tag-Connect)

- Switching power supplies - SY8008B (1A per rail)
- LED indicators for +5/+12/FPGA DONE/USER FPGA TEST LED
- External DC jack (5V) is provided for optional stand alone use
- Mechanical through hole support on all IO connectors

- Image of CB2 with new IO expansion board
- CBIO Expansion board connector availability
- Suitable Mini HDMI Cable (Strait HDMI)
- Suitable VGA Cable (VGA+Audio Over HDMI Connector)
- Typical TFT LCD Display module
- Others using FT2232H for JTAG with Xilinx ISE

IO Board Template (CBII IO)
- CBIO PCB Templates will be available in several CAD formats (Including the new Circuitworks/Altium and Altium's free PCB tools (traxedit/PFW28/99SE).

IO Configuration (CBII IO)
- 32 Direct FPGA 3.3V IO (with 8 (24-32) input only)
- 32 Direct FPGA 5.0V or 3.3V IO (with 8 (24-32) input only)
-12MHZ Clock
- SPI Bus + SS
- Audio L+R
- Power Available: +3.3V/+5V/-5/+12V/-12V

Compatibility with the Original CB
The FPGA on CBII is also a Xilinx device from the same Spartan family. Any projects or designs intended for the original Carte Blanche should also easily re-target to the CBII's FPGA without problems.

CB2 is basically all the things we did with CB1 with the extras added to make for easy implementation of projects. Things were learnt from the original CB that we have included in CBII
- Fast load times - CBII Can load its FPGA before the Apple II comes out of reset
- Optional delayed load - CB can disconnect (electronically) from the Apple II and wait until the Apple II has completed its reset cycle before loading its FPGA and connecting to the bus at power on, or on demand
- User Jumper/Switch/LED connector allows either a jumper or on the end of a cable - allows user to initiate tasks or select feature/options
- PB04 onboard - suits accelerators and co-processor projects
- high speed SRAM cache (100MHz) on board - also for accelerators or general memory
- Backup boot flash - just in case you trash your flash - set a jumper and a back up bitstream boots your card
- JTAG Adaptor included - CBII comes with a USB JTAG adaptor onboard - works with many JTAG download utilities as well as Xilinx Impact and Linux UrJTAG
- Audio included on board, with power amp and a speaker jack compatible with Apple's speaker jack (just like in the early sound card days of the PC - what are we doing!)
- Multiple JTAG headers - One for Altium and one for Xilinx (Just in case you want to use your own JTAG adaptor)
- GCLKS on Apple II bus interface - All Apple bus clocks are routed to FPGA global clocks
- lots of memory (32MB) for FPGA or Apple projects
- Video on board - 30bit VGA, 24 bit HDMI and LCD module - simultaneous triple screen capability with individual frame buffers
- Micro SD memory card - Smaller than SD with ridiculous capacities for only a few dollars
- Larger on board flash memory (8MB)
- Standard and comprehensive expansion scheme - Using cheap PCIe card edge connectors - No more proprietary connectors
- Onboard USB to FPGA UART or 8bitBus - for backwards compatibility with exisiting SCC software and downloading data or flash images using JAT

Power Requirements (Not Including CBII IO Board)
Carte Blanche operates in two different modes of power sourcing, which is selected automatically. Single supply mode and Multisupply mode.
Multisupply mode (ie, Used with an Apple IIe) +5V@100mA (0.5W) +12V@240mA (2.88W)
Single Supply Mode (ie from the onboard Plug Pack DC jack) +5V@670mA (3.35W)
-12V and -5V is only used by the CBII IO board (if required). -12V and -5V is not available when used in single supply mode.
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